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Explore frequently asked questions
+How should I book you for a photo shooting?

You should contact with me through e-mail or other social media. As soon as we have decided on a date and time, you can pay the required deposit and you will be officially booked!

+Which form of payments do accept?

Cash and PayPal is available.

+Do you charge for travel?

If a photoshoot will be in surrounding area I’m based, I dont charge any fee. But outside the city I charged an additional fee for the transportation, an exception if you pick up and bring me back personally.

+Do you provide digital negatives (RAW files) after the shoot?

You will be provided with edited images only. Each picture is carefully handled and will be a representation of my personality and my work. Feel free to look at my portfolio and make sure my that work and style are a good match for you.

+What is the difference between basic editing and advanced retouching?

Basic editing:

  • Adjusting white balance
  • Adjusting exposure/contrast
  • Cropping image
  • Tonal ranges
  • Saturation
  • Sharpening

Advanced retouching:

  • Adjusting white balance
  • Adjusting exposure/contrast
  • Cropping image
  • Tonal ranges
  • Saturation
  • Sharpening +
  • Distracting objects in front of/behind a model (removing individuals from photography) if it necessary
  • Skin retouching ( blemishes, pimples, skin imperfections, scarring, discoloration, large pores, small freckles)
  • Wrinkles are lightened or removed depending of kind of photography and necessary
  • Eye retouching
  • Teeth are whitened and corrected
  • Skin smoothing
  • Removing cellulite
  • Correction of a body shape

+Do I get all the images you take?

Depending on the package you choose, you will receive a certain number of photos. If you need to get all the unedited JPEG photos, additional cost is discussed in advance.

+What rights do I have to the digital images?

Before the photo shoot you will sign a model release and copyright release that gives you the right to reproduce the images for personal use, so you can use them for prints, sharing them on your social media, making canvases, etc. Commercial use is not allowed if not separately agreed on. The copyright of the images will with the photographer.

+Can I modify the retouched photos, apply filters etc?

No, you can’t. Hiring me as a photographer, you agree with my creative editing and any photo created by the creative work of a photographer is an object of copyright.

+What locations do you suggest for photo session?

I will help to choose the right location for you. I do photoshoots outdoor (parks, streets, beaches etc), in studio, indoor (your home could be too). Everything depending on what kind of photography you prefer, and of course, I want first of all that you feel comfortable and trust me.

+How should I prepare for Photo Session?

You should be in good mood. Choose comfortable cloth for you, if this photoshoot doesn’t imply clothing stylist. On the eve of the shooting, do not drink a lot of fluids to avoid edema of the face.

+What if the weather changes for the worse, it rains and overcast?

For photography there is no bad weather. If we have an outdoor session, we will improvise, change locations until we find the prefect solution for the situation that has arisen. I’ll try my best to find alternative arrangement – e.g. change locations, wait the weather out. Please note, that there are no refunds due to weather.

+The time specified in the package is strictly observed?

The time specified in the package is relative,if more time is required to achieve the desired result - it will be increased for free, as well as vice versa.

+I need you stay longer for more time could I hire you?

We can discuss it on the spot for additional payment. And of course it depends of my availability at this day.

+Could I meet with you before shooting to discuss all details and get acquainted?

For sure you can.

+How long does it take to edit/retouch photos?

Photo processing takes about 2-3 weeks. If the photos are ready earlier, you will receive them immediately.

+What size will the photos be, will I be able to use them for social media?

You will receive the images in two sizes. The first one is high resolution, which means the images is ready to be printed. The second size is low resolution for using in social media.

+How we can get the images?

Photos will be sent to your e-mail via the WETRANSFER, you need to download them to your computer (not the phone), since the link will be deleted automatically after 7 days.

+If I cancel my booking will I receive my deposit back?

In the case of booking cancel, you will not receive your deposit back. This covers any loss in the form of lost bookings and eventual cost already arisen before the actual session. However, I understand that unforeseen events can happen, so I'll try to work on alternatives if possible – e.g. find a new date for a session.

+Can you just email me a few images?

A lot of work goes into the images after the actual session is done, and it sounds easier to “just send a few images” than it actually is. You will receive your images in the promised time frame.

+What if I lose my images?

I store your images for a minimum of 5 months, but please make sure you store them in a safe place so you don’t lose them.